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The Diet Series Part Four; In Conclusion
Barb Hyland and Dawn Vezie

No Lemon, No Cream, Just Pie.

That was the title of a magazine article a few years ago. The author continued with a list of ingredients taken from the label on a frozen "Lemon Cream" pie. There were natural and artificial flavors and ascorbic acid which mimicked the taste of real lemons. There were sweeteners up the ying yang. There was oil to give the "cream" the right "mouth feel." There was a list of chemicals used make it taste the way a real pie tastes and to preserve the "pie." But the author was right. There were no lemons, no cream, just pie.  

In 1900 a little girl would stand next to her mother while she was fixing dinner and learn how to prepare food for the family, just like her mother had learned, and her grandmother, and her mother before her.  

Today a little girl or a little boy learns how to grab a frozen dinner out of the freezer, put it in the microwave, and eat it in the kitchen out of the cardboard tray it was packaged in. 

In 1900 doctors rarely saw a patient with cancer or heart disease. Today ordinary people have to learn how to "shock" the heart of a middle school basketball player because he keeled over with cardiac arrest. And babies are being born with cancer. 

Dr. Weston A. Price, a dentist from Cleveland, theorized in the 1920s that if Americans didn't stop eating all the "modern" denatured, processed, prepackaged, preserved "foods" that were just starting to become abundant, there would be an epidemic of heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, and neurological diseases. He sure knew what he was talking about, didn't he? 

If you go to any book store, you will see shelf after shelf of "diet" books. But the definition of diet first of all means the foods you eat day after day. So how do you know which is the right diet for YOU? 

There are so many conflicting studies out there, where do you start looking for a diet that you can use for the rest of your life? A diet you can trust. Eating has become so politicized and so commercialized. 

For those of you who believe that the government knows what you need to eat to stay healthy, this article is not for you. 

For anyone who believes science has the answer to your diet needs, please reread No Lemon, No Cream, Just Pie.  

For those of you who believe that the diet of your ancestors is your best bet, go to to read about REAL food, traditional food.  

Then there is the Raw Food diet. This too works well with Dr. Price's theories. Although a completely vegan diet was proven by Dr. Price to be too low in good fats, real vitamins, and minerals to keep people healthy, he does recommend that you have plant foods in your diet and that you eat them the way your ancestors did, mostly raw or cooked only lightly.  

Seeds, nuts, and grains should be processed -- by sprouting or fermenting --  before eating to make them more digestible with higher levels of vitamins and minerals. There are many sites online, as well as many books available, that can teach you how to process and eat fruits, vegetables, and seeds the way your ancestors did.   

To stay healthy, you need to eat healthy. All those diets out there seem to advocate that you eat this or that -- or not eat something else. Dr. Price says to eat the whole foods of your ancestors. What he says NOT to eat is white sugar, white/denatured flour, pasteurized milk, and processed, preserved, and prepackaged non-foods. 

There is a book called The Maker's Diet by Jordan Rubin. Dr. Rubin used the Bible as his guide for healthy eating. As you read his book you realize that it's the same kind of food that Dr. Price advocates. Maybe Dr. Price read the Bible before advocating a whole food, traditional diet -- the same diet that has been eaten since biblical times.

It is time we take our lives into our own hands and get out of the obesity, alzeimers, cancer of thousands of types, ADD, ADHD, autism, stroke, heart disease, dementia, multiple sclerosis, lupus, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, sluggish thyroid, toxic, auto-immune, depressed, mentally impaired, arthritis etc. etc. rat race that our society has become. This is a call to action for our selves and our families to live out the full number of our days in joy and peace. Here is to life!


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