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Many people are unfamiliar with Sucanat, so here is a quick introduction from Wikipedia:

"Sucanat (a contraction of "Sucre de canne naturel", which was introduced by [a company in Switzerland] Pronatec in 1978) is a brand name for whole cane sugar. Unlike refined and processed white sugar, Sucanat retains its molasses content; it is essentially pure dried sugar cane juice. The juice is extracted by mechanical processes, heated and cooled at which point the small brown grainy crystals are formed."

The studies from this company showed that children consistently fed with whole-cane sugar hardly suffered from tooth decay. Sucanat is not a "processed" sugar, and of all major sugars derived from sugar cane, it ranks the highest in nutritional value, containing the most minerals, trace elements and vitamins.

It makes a great substitute for brown sugar, as it retains its full molasses content and flavor.

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