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Find the latest Feature Articles here! New Articles will be posted at least weekly, if not more!


The Diet Series Part Four; In Conclusion
Barb Hyland and Dawn Vezie
What are we doing to ourselves and what can we do for ourselves? The last (so far) in the Diet Series will provoke you to action for yourself and your family. . . . keep reading
The Diet Series Part Three The Traditional Diet
Barb Hyland and Dawn Vezie
Third installment of the Diet Series. Definetly a change in lifestyle. . . . keep reading
Diet Series Part Two The Raw Diet
Barb Hyland and Dawn Vezie
The Raw Diet, the second installment in the Diet Series. A serious paradigm mind shift for those who adopt it. . . . keep reading
The Diet Series Part One The High Protein Diet
Barb Hyland
Diet, a four letter word?! Here is part one in a series showcasing three different diets. Should we diet or change our lifestyle? These three different approaches to eating will give valuable information for you to make the best decision for yourself and family. . . . keep reading
Why Your Last Diet Failed (No I'm Not Selling A Diet Pill!)
Elaine Barnett
    Hey everybody! I've been thinking a lot about healthy living and healthy eating. And the great thing is I've not just thinking about it , I've been doing something abou . . . keep reading
An Answer for Lactose Intolerance
Judith Parker
The cause of lactose (milk sugar) intolerance is the inability of the body to break down or split the lactose, a disaccharide into monosaccharide or glucose. The enzyme, in the small . . . keep reading
Amazing Benefits of Coconut Oil-Skinny on Fats Series
Dawn Vezie
  Fat that can keep you young and healthy!! Coconut oil is the bomb!  This saturated fat has so many health benefits that it . . . keep reading
This Could Save Your Pets Life!
Dawn Vezie
Are corn, wheat, soy, or derivatives of these, ingredients in your pets food?  Does your pet have hair loss, lick the inside of its paws, have allergies (to grass? . . . keep reading
What You Dont Know Can Hurt You: A Series On Additives
Dawn Vezie
Food Additives and some things you should know. Did you know that there is an approved additive list? This is a list of approved ingredients that food processors are allowed to add to ou . . . keep reading