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What's your passion, your WHY?
Rita Aaron




OK.  Here goes.  I am a full time mom and homeschool five of our twelve children, ten girls and two boys.  Jessica UAH 2004, and Janna Columbia State 2006, are nurses at Huntsville Hospital and we have FIVE in college.  Before children, my background was in nursing and I have always wanted to help people.  My spiritual gift is Mercy.  Janna, our second daughter is married and has blessed us with a granddaughter-Alleigh-8, and a grandson-Tyler-6. Lora Lee, our third born got married October 2012.  My husband James is an engineer at NASA.  We raise our own chickens for meat and eggs, and our own beef.  James and the children also hunt deer and turkey on our property.  We also have blueberries and blackberries in abundance.  We just finished putting in a greenhouse!  We will soon be putting our Juice Plus aeroponic Tower Gardens in there!

I began my journey with Juice Plus in 2004 and will continue for the rest of my life.  I progressed quickly in the Juice Plus business and then kinda took a time out.  Life has had some turns.  I pretty much stopped doing the business after the birth of our youngest son Jacob, who has Down Syndrome and had three heart surgeries by the time he was 5 months old.  Jacob is doing great now and we give God the glory.  Jacob was a Juice Plus baby and probably my healthiest pregnancy;  I had a long history of hypertension with my other pregnancies, but none with Jacob.  After Jacob's surgeries, his cardiologist suggested putting him on Viagra for the pulmonary hypertension, so I put  him on Juice Plus Vineyard instead.  I had heard a doctor speaking on the  Juice Plus Vineyard blend say that the mechanism of action is the same as Viagra.   His cardiologist was amazed when the pulmonary pressure was normal six months later and took him off heart meds!  Jacob is 7.

  I have done all kinds of things trying to help my family be healthier......vegetarian cooking class, champion juicer, made my own bread, I even have a soymilk maker!  Needless to say, the vegetarian part didn't fly very well.  I still use my Juicer and my soymilk maker, and make bread, but the EASIEST and  best results have come from making Juice Plus a part of our daily diet. We just don't get sick anymore.  I don't fade in the afternoon anymore and I don't have my lifelong sinus issues anymore!

I have been in the Juice Plus business 9 years.  For four years I tried to educate my best friend, who had breast cancer, about the benefits of a healthy diet and Juice Plus.  She never made those dietarty changes.  The breast cancer went away after surgery, chemo, and radiation, but then returned fall 2008 in her brain.  In February, she finally agreed to try Juice Plus, when the oncologist told them there was nothing left to do.  She went to be with the Lord on May 1st 2009 and I had the privilege of ministering to her during her final days.  I miss her deeply and not letting anyone else I love go through what Joey went through is part of my why now.

Diet impacts how our body responds to every single assault, even to the point of PREVENTING disease in the first place.  Everyone knows that fruits and vegetables are important, but what most don't know or understand, is that they are so important they could save your life!


Texas Tech 1978-1979

TTU Nursing School 1979-1982

Dr. Sears Wellness Institute--Certified Health Coach 2010--current



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I really liked your article on grass fed beef. We raised our own a few years ago, a Scottish Highlander. It was really fun. Highlander meat is very lean and high in Omega oils. They are fascinating animals, very good natured and easy to take care of.
 The information you have in your articles is very helpful. I have learned many new things already. I can not wait to learn even more.