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home | Dr. Judy Seeger, ND

Judy Seeger, ND
"Empowering and Educating People to Heal Themselves"

Dr. Judy's passion is to energize people with health! Having seen 1000's of people in her clinic suffer from colds and headaches, to cancer and colitis she has developed a powerful health system that effectively regains health using biblical principles.

Dr. Judy has been teaching groups of health seeking people throughout the United States since 1990. With her 30 years of experience in the natural health field, she has been highly successful in bringing people to a level of wellness they have never experienced before.

As director of two Wholistic Health Clinic, one called River of Life Health Center and the other OxyWellness Center - Dr. Judy achieved a high level of success with her patients. Many people with thyroid, lung, skin, and brain cancer greatly improved by using her biblically based health plan system. She provided every form of safe, and clinically proven natural healing therapy including writing an easy to use handbooks for her patients to reach their health goals.

From herbal medicine classes to cancer to menopause, Dr. Judy's vast experience in the natural health field has changed countless lives. Her unique approach of simplifying the process of healing empowers all people to take back their health. Her teachings on the biblical foundation of using food, herbs, and the power of prayer have changed lives greatly.

Educational Background
Psychology/ major - health/communications- minor
Drew University, Madison, NJ

Advanced Nutritionist - San Diego, California

Live Cell Microscopist - Chicago , Illinois

Doctor of Naturopathy -- College of Natural Health - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Natural Health Counselor -- College of Natural Health - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Biological Theory of Ionization, Course I and II -- Evans City, Penn

Enzyme Therapist -- Academy of Enzyme Nutrition - Madison, Wisconsin

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy- San Diego, California

Relevant Work Experiences

Herbal Medicine Study - Dr. John Christopher, Master Herbalist

Amish health consultant - 3 year mentoring with Dr. MaryAnn McNeilus,MD
Nutritional Consultant - YWCA -- Green Bay, Wisconsin

Nutritional Consultant - Iola Family Chiropractic -- Iola, Wisconsin

Director of Wholistic Health Clinic - Green Bay, Wisconsin

Director of Wholistic Health Clinic - San Diego, California

Live radio interviews throughout the United States

Television appearances

Membership in good standing with

Academy of Enzyme Nutrition

American Seminar League Association

Keynote Speaker for

American Medical Security Corporation - Green Bay, Wisconsin

Parkinson Disease Association of San Diego

Nevada Neuropathy Support Group - Las Vegas, Nevada

What Others Are Saying

"I have found her to be truly concerned about her patients and render high quality care…she is also a person of the highest integrity… Dr. Daniel J. Wautlet, DC, Wisconsin

"I was a diabetic for the last eight years and I had to take 25 units of insulin twice a day. My blood sugar is now normal…" Pastor Dick Gibbons, Wisconsin

"I have no doubt that Judy will be of great help and encouragement to those who are willing to make meaningful dietary and lifestyle changes. I am delighted for the opportunity of giving her an enthusiastic and unreserved recommendation." Dr. MaryAnn McNeilus, MD, Minnesota

"It has been well worth the time and effort to change my lifestyle ….in exchange for lasting benefits in my health for today and the rest of my life" Pastor Lorraine Sharp, Oregon

"The experience was very beneficial to my health. I gained energy and vitality. I lost weight and inches. My allergy symptoms were much improved and I have gained a much healthier lifestyle…" Phyllis A. Shovelski, publisher, Oregon

"Only if are serious about living a more healthful, productive lifestyle…it is nothing less than a win/win situation" Chris Evans, California


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I really liked your article on grass fed beef. We raised our own a few years ago, a Scottish Highlander. It was really fun. Highlander meat is very lean and high in Omega oils. They are fascinating animals, very good natured and easy to take care of.
 The information you have in your articles is very helpful. I have learned many new things already. I can not wait to learn even more.